TID Business Incentive Program

Entrepreneurs and developers relocating to Merrill are encouraged to take advantage of development opportunities located within multiple Tax Incremental Districts (TIDs), or within a half mile of a TID boundary. The purpose of the TIDs is to drive economic development, enhance community appearance, increase the City’s tax base and job creation. Rehabilitation or demolition of “blighted” vacant buildings is also a priority. Merrill’s TID Business Incentive program offers diverse opportunities for businesses and developers ready to take advantage of the City’s convenient location, proximity to a local airport and affordable prices.

Businesses applying for the TID Business Incentive Program are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. TIF funding has been allocated in the past for façade improvements, infrastructure investments, cash development incentives for new developments, and TIF forgivable loans related to job creation.

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Plant Garden Center
Photo by Merrill Foto News

TID Incentives Help Businesses Grow

Hollie Stoerzer dreamed of running her own business. To help make her dream become a reality, the City of Merrill awarded Hollie $30,000 through the TID Business Incentive Program. On May 12, 2023, Plant Garden Center, located at 1003 S. Center Ave. in Merrill, opened its doors to the public.

We are excited to announce that Hollie turned her dream into a reality. Congratulations Hollie! Thank you for doing business in Merrill!