Open a Business in Merrill: A Step-By-Step Guide

Experience more life, less stress. There's endless opportunities to start your own business here. Instead of commuting in traffic, end your workday exploring Merrill’s trails, parks and scenic waterways. We’re happy that you’ve decided to open a business here, and we’d like to do everything we can to help you succeed and make money. We’ve put together this guide to help you navigate the City’s requirements (as well as County, State and Federal regulations) for operating a business within City limits.

In addition to being located in a friendly community with small-town charm, Merrill's public school system offers a Youth Apprenticeship program, providing local businesses with a pipeline of future workers. Merrill High School's Fab Lab teaches students how to fabricate materials along with technical skills. It's an excellent resource for businesses seeking signage, plaques, and almost anything you can imagine. Merrill also offers a full-service, Fixed Base Operator (FBO) airport, conveniently located near Merrill Industrial Park.

We advise that new business owners do not sign a lease/purchase space for commercial property until you have read through this guide. Choosing a property for your business before understanding what will be involved in customizing it to your needs and maintaining compliance with City, County, State and Federal regulations can literally cost thousands of dollars in unplanned expenses. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Economic Development Executive Director Elsa Duranceau at (715) 390-0747 or City Administrator Rod Akey at (715) 536-5594.