Mission, Vision, Values & Strategic Plans

Merrill's Mission:
"To enrich quality of life through innovative, consistent and efficient City services and strong partnerships with citizens, businesses and key stakeholders.”
Merrill's Vision:
“Merrill will be recognized as a welcoming city with a safe and diverse community, vibrant and sustainable economy, and a comfortable quality of life for all.”
Merrill's Values:
Partnership:  Work together to get things done in a collaborative and respectful manner.
Integrity:  Act with transparency and be accountable for what we do and say.
Service:  Provide professional, respectful service to those who live, work or visit.
Sustainability:  Make decisions with an understanding of their impact on the environment, people, community and finances.
Diversity and Inclusion:  Embrace the traits and characteristics that make people unique and provide a sense of belonging and support within our community.
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