Prairie River Dells Scenic Area

W2730 Prairie Dells Rd, Merrill, WI  54452
The Prairie Dells Scenic Area is located northeast of Merrill on Highway 17. The Prairie River is one of the largest and most productive trout streams in the area. The parking lot for the Prairie Dells Viewing Area is small and unassuming - just a gravel turnaround at the end of the road. Two trails lead from the parking lot, one heading upriver and the other down. The trail heading upriver leads to a small deck with a river vista just a short distance from the parking lot. The trail heading downriver, which leads out the back of the parking lot, provides an ideal sightseeing experience and spectacular views of the river and rock formations. It's just a short walk to the main viewing deck, where the valley opens up and yields stunning views of the river below. Steep rock walls make it a good idea to stay on the deck at this point.