Street Maintenance

Resurfacing – consists of replacing asphalt pavement that has deteriorated past the point of preservation

  • The old pavement is removed from the street.
  • The existing subgrade is examined and replaced as needed.
  • Any curb and gutter that is deteriorated is replaced.
  • Storm sewer and other utilities are examined and replaced as needed.
  • New asphalt pavement is put in place.

Crack sealing – consists of sealing crack that develop in asphalt pavements.

  • Cracks that go unfilled allow water to seep into the pavement structure.
  • This moisture can freeze and thaw with changes in weather and cause the pavement to break apart.
  • Crack sealing consists of cleaning out cracks with high pressure air and heat.
  • These cracks are then filled with a rubberized tar that can expand and contract with changes in temperature.
  • This has been found to be the most cost-effective form of pavement preservation.

Seal coating – consists of applying a slurry mixture to the street surface

  • The asphalt slurry is able to fill in small ruts and cracks to keep moisture out.
  • Streets need to be closed for several hours to allow the slurry to cure.
  • The small stone aggregate that is mixed in the asphalt gives the street more skid resistance.
  • The new street surface prolongs the life of the pavement.

 Asphalt repair – consists of patching or replacing distressed sections of street

  • Some pavement repairs require a simple cold patch asphalt patch to fill potholes.
  • Other repairs consist of removing sections of pavement and replacing them with new hot mix asphalt.
  • We are also responsible for pavement replacement related to street openings for utility repairs.

Concrete Replacement Program – consists of routine replacement of concrete sidewalks and curb and gutter.

  • Sidewalks are inspected yearly by district and distressed sidewalk slabs are marked for replacement.
  • Our crews remove and replace these sidewalks throughout the summer.
  • Curb and gutter that is distressed or settled is also marked and replaced.
  • We also replace concrete that is related to street opening permits for utility work.