Marketing and Communications Committee

The Marketing and Communications Committee  meets the THIRD THURSDAY of the month at 5:15 p.m.

The Marketing & Communications Committee is made up of local volunteers and City leaders. Committee volunteers represent community organizations, local businesses and Merrill Area Chamber of Commerce. City alderpersons are voting members. The Committee was formed in 2021 in response to a three-year, community-involved research initiative focused on discovering and defining what makes Merrill unique in the marketplace. That’s the driving force behind the creation and execution of the City’s marketing and branding plan. The goal is to build a positive future for Merrill residents and businesses by retaining and attracting talent.

LaDonna Fermanich, Alderperson, Chairperson
Nathan Meyer, Alderperson
Mark Weix Jr., Alderperson
Sarah Sturm, Chamber of Commerce (ex-officio non-voting)
Gene Bebel, Citizen (ex-officio non-voting)
Renea Frederick, Business Rep. (ex-officio non-voting)
Dan Wendorf, Parks & Recreation Director (ex-officio non-voting)
Tammie Mrachek, Enrichment Center Director (ex-officio non-voting)
Laurie Ollhoff, Library Director (ex-officio non-voting)
John Greenwood, Active & Aware Citizen Rep (ex-officio non-voting)
Hallie Savall, Social Media Specialist, (ex-officio non-voting)
Rick Bjorklund, Fair Grounds Manager, (ex-officio non-voting)