Library Board

The Library Board meets the THIRD WEDNESDAY of the month at 4 p.m. at the T.B. Scott Free Library, 106 1st St.

The Library Board consists of nine members. Six residents, one of which may be an alderperson, shall be appointed by the Mayor, subject to confirmation by the Common Council. The Superintendent of Schools or his representative shall be a member. Two residents of Lincoln County shall be appointed by the Lincoln County Board Chairperson, subject to confirmation by the Lincoln County Board. The Library Board exists and functions as set forth in applicable sections of Wisconsin State Statutes Chapter 43. 

*Library Board members serve three-year terms. Dates listed are when terms expire. 

Elizabeth McCrank, County Board Rep.  *4-15-24
Michael Caylor, Alderperson   *4-16-24
Mike Geisler, President   *4-16-24
Darcy Dalsky   *6-30-26
Chris Grunenwald   *6-30-26
Katie Breitenmoser, County Appointee 6-30-21
Audrey Huftel  *6-30-24
Richard Mamer, Financial Secretary  *6-30-24
Ryan Martinovici, MAPS Representative