Housing Authority

The Housing Authority meets the SECOND WEDNESDAY of the month at 4 p.m. at Jenny Towers, 711 E 1st St. 

The Housing Authority consists of five members, one of whom shall be appointed annually by the Mayor, subject to confirmation by the Common Council. At least three members must be private citizens. The remaining two members may be private citizens or an alderperson, or officers of the City. No more than one alderperson or two officers may serve as voting members of the Housing Authority at the same time. In the event that none of the voting members of the Housing Authority are members of the Common Council, and there are no current vacancies on the Housing Authority, then the Mayor shall also appoint an alderperson to act on the Housing Authority as an Ex Officio member, subject to confirmation of the Common Council, with said alderperson's term expiring as of the date of his term of office.

*Plan Commissioners serve five-year terms. Dates listed are when terms expire.

Nicole Johnson  *11-10-26
Jeremy Cordova  *11-10-25
Andrew Polzin  *11-10-27
Nancy Kwiesielewicz, Chairperson  *11-10-23
Jeff Schneider  *11-10-24
Dick Lupton, Alderperson