Sign Unveiled
Kurtz Family
Krueger Family

Street Sign Dedication

Over 50 people gathered this past Friday, as honorary signs were unveiled paying tribute to two Merrill Police Officers. Members of the officers families, friends along with fellow officers and elected officials all came together to see the new signs, Captain Elmer Krueger’s Way for the late Captain who was shot and killed in the line of duty in 1952, and Riley’s Route in tribute to Officer Riley Kurtz who died in January of 2022 of natural causes.

Mike “Gus” Caylor, chairman of the City’s Historic Preservation Committee and alderperson for the second district spoke at the event. He noted that even though the two officers served over 70 years apart, they had much in common when it came to their dedication to the City and their families.

The 1100 block of E 2nd St, the street in which Captain Krueger lost his life will be a reminder to officers as they head out on patrol of the dangers of law enforcement even at the most routine of calls. The 100 block of N Court St being named for Officer Kurtz is hoped to remind officers when they return at the end of their shift to go out and live life to the fullest, much like Officer Kurtz did.

Caylor did note that Captain Krueger was the only Merrill Police Officer to give his life in the line of duty, although Officer Kurtz is not the first officer to die while in service to the community. Caylor surmised that perhaps with future sign placements the others will be remembered in time as well.

Three more signs will be dedicated yet this year.