Banner Program

Dear Merrill Business Owners:

The City of Merrill is dedicated to making our community a great place to live, work, shop, play, and conduct business.

The banners have been a valuable resource, helping us to deliver a great first impression to many of our community's first time visitors. Furthermore, it is without question that these banners have helped us reinforce our brand, brighten and invigorate our business districts and drive attention to our local merchants and organizations. The program also helps Merrill by showcasing our community's economic vitality and the support of our local businesses and organizations.

Because of the ongoing success of the initiative, we are excited to announce that Merrill has qualified to acquire a brand new series of banners, featuring an exciting new design theme. Outreach for the new display will be conducted by Community Showcase Banners, the same company who has helped us last year.

Whether you are an original supporter or you are being offered this opportunity for your very first time, I encourage you to consider participating in this program, as it provides an excellent way to showcase your pride in the community.

I thank you for your continued investment and belief in Merrill's potential.

To learn more about sponsorship opportunities visit the website below or reach out to the community's program manager directly:

Matt Cottengim
Project Manager
(585) 737-7713