Public Notice

Please take notice City of Merrill Code of Ordinances Section 14-36(b) declares lawns, grass and noxious weeds on non-agricultural lots or parcels of land which exceed eight inches of length affect public health and safety.

Code of Ordinances Section 14-34 defines noxious weeds and further delineates the duties of the owner or occupant of the property to remove the noxious weeds.

All property owners, or occupants are responsible for keeping their property areas, including boulevards, mowed and trimmed.

Failure to do so will result in mowing and trimming by the City and an assessment of costs which may result in an assessment on the property tax roll.

A copy of the Lawn Regulation is on file in the Office of the City Clerk.

Section 26-56 of the Code of Ordinances states that “No person shall deposit any refuse, leaves or grass clippings in any gutter along any public street, road, alley or highway.”

Section 32-94 states that “It shall be unlawful for any person to deposit, or cause to be deposited, dumped, sorted, scattered or left any rubbish, stone, wire, earth, ashes, cinders, sawdust, hay, glass, manure, filth, paper, snow, ice, dirt, grass, leaves, construction waste, garbage or other offensive or noxious material in any public street, sidewalk, alley, or upon any public property.”