Garbage and Recycling

Merrill's automated collection of garbage and recycling makes it safer and easier for you to get materials to the curb.

Here's what you need to know:

  • Large item pick up service is available from April through October.
  • We have a four-day collection schedule. Check the map to find your collection day.
  • Check the calendar for the collection schedule during holiday weeks.
  • Additional carts may be purchased for a fee. For more information, contact the Merrill Street Department at (715) 536-4222 or

Material Preparation

  • All material needs to be placed inside the carts with the lid closed.
  • Recyclables will be collected every other week — see calendar for collection dates.
  • Recyclables must be placed loose in yellow lid cart. See the recycling sheet for acceptable materials.
  • All recyclables must be rinsed clean before placing in cart.
  • Save space in your recyclable cart by breaking down cardboard boxes.
  • Garbage will be collected every week.
  • Garbage should be bagged before placing in your cart with the black lid.
  • Please place your provided cart in the proper spot designated by the Street Department.
  • City collection vehicles or employees will not enter private property for the purpose of collecting materials.
  • Material placed outside of your carts will not be collected.
  • If a cart is found to have unacceptable materials in it, our crew will leave behind a tag indicating the problem.

    Cart Placement

  • Cart must be three feet from other objects or Cart obstructions such as mailboxes, trees, street lights or parked cars.
  • Place your carts at the end of your driveway to prevent conflicts with parked cars.
  • If no driveway fronts the street then place the carts within the grass boulevard strip behind the curb.
  • Place carts on as level of a surface as possible and away from overhanging tree branches.
  • The cart lid should be closed and not be overflowing. 
  • Items outside the cart will not be collected.
  • Carts can be put on the curb after 4 p.m. the day prior to collection. Carts must be removed by 6 a.m. the day after collection. Carts should be placed at the curb no later that 6 a.m. on collection day.
  • Carts must be stored off the boulevard inside a building or alongside the house or garage.

    Common Reasons for Missed Collection

  • Cart placement is not in accordance to the guidelines.
  • Cart is placed at the curb after 6 a.m.
  • Trash has been placed outside the cart or overfilled.
  • Cart contains unacceptable materials.
  • Cart has been placed atop a snow bank. 

    Winter Cart Placement Tips

  • Keep a spot clear at the curb or on the boulevard for your carts.
  • Clearing snow after each snowfall will make it easier to move your cart to its collection spot.
  • Carts must not be set on snow banks.
  • Do not place your carts in the street.

    Is your Cart in Disrepair?

  • If either your garbage or recycling cart is damaged (cracked, broken lid, missing wheels, etc.), all you need to do is contact the City of Merrill Street Department at (715) 536-4222 or

    Yard Waste 

  • Compost (grass, leaves & garden waste): Place in clear garbage bag.

  • Pine Needles: Place in clear garbage bag only (Separate bag from compost.)

  • Branches & Brush: Cut 4’ long & bundled. Place clear bags of compost, clear bags of pine needles and bundles of brush curbside on your scheduled garbage collection day.

  • Please keep bags of yard waste at least 3’ from carts.
  • Yard waste may be brought to the City Garage yard waste site at the south end of Blaine St. Brush is not accepted there.
  • There will be spring and fall brush cleanup weeks.

    Large Item Pick-Up

  • One large item pickup per tax parcel per year can be arranged by contacting the Merrill City Garage at (715) 536-4222 and scheduling a pickup (large items will be collected from April 15th to November 1st).
  • Items Picked Up: sofas, mattresses, box springs, chairs, windows, screens, tables, rolls of carpet and other bulky items.
  • Contact the Merrill City Garage with questions.
  • Items NOT picked up: stoves, refrigerators, freezers, microwaves, dehumidifiers, washers, driers, automotive parts, demolition and construction material, TV’s, DVD players, VCR’s, computer monitors, computer hard drives, printers and other computer related equipment.
  • To find out were to recycle electronics, visit the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources website