Merrill Municipal Court Procedures

The Merrill Municipal Court represents the judicial branch of government.  It is an independent branch of government that is co-located with municipal departments in the City Hall building. The judge is in charge of court operations and the court clerks administer court operations under the judge’s supervision and authority.  The Wisconsin Supreme Court has the administrative supervisory authority over the municipal court judge and the clerks (Article VII, Sec 3, Const.) 

Pursuant to the Wisconsin State Statutes, the Merrill Municipal Court is a trial court that deals exclusively with non-criminal cases involving city ordinance violations in the form of traffic citations and municipal code violations.  Offenses brought before our court are violations that occur within the city limits and are decided by a judge.  Payment of a monetary forfeiture to the City of Merrill is the primary sentence imposed on a defendant found guilty. 

 Remember that you are in a Court of law.  While you are waiting for your case to be heard, please remain quiet while Court is in session and give others the courtesy to be heard while they present their case.  Please turn off cell phones and pagers and remove hats.

Initial Appearance

Entering A Plea



Juvenile Cases

Penalties for Non-Payment of Forfeitures

Teen Court