Building/Zoning is responsible for inspecting properties, issuing building permits and responding to nuisances. You need a building permit for the following construction projects: 

  • New home, remodeling and additions
  • Garages and sheds
  • Decks and porches
  • Heating and A/C
  • Electric and plumbing 
  • Fences and pools
  • Business signs
  • Business remodeling or additions

 Report a Problem about a Property’s Appearance or Safety

We care about the appearance and safety of all City properties. As part of the City’s blight elimination initiative, we have been targeting blighted properties to either bring them into compliance with City ordinances or eliminate them all together. We encourage property owners and renters to keep up with the appearance of their properties, and to report problems that are not addressed in a timely manner. Generally, we are not able to enter properties for an inspection unless a complaint is filed with the City. 

Click here for an interior and exterior check list. This list explains what issues the City can, and will, address through the enforcement of existing city ordinances and state statute, and it applies to both property owners and renters.

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