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Looking for space to host a wedding, family reunion or celebration? There are several spots to choose from. You can reserve space in the 14,000-square-foot Bierman Building/Expo Center or at a City of Merrill park shelter or pavilion. 

Interested in hosting a larger event for the public? The City of Merrill owns Merrill Fairgrounds, a 22-acre property featuring a 3,000-seat grandstand with new, stadium lighting; permanent booths for vendors; pole barns; and the Bierman Building/Expo Center. 


Merrill Fairgrounds

Merrill Fairgrounds, formerly known as Lincoln County Fairgrounds, is located 2001 E 2nd St. in Merrill, WI. This 22-acre property features a grandstand with new, stadium lighting, permanent booths for vendors, pole barns, and the Beirman Building/Expo Center. The Bierman Building/Expo Center was built in 2017, and can accommodate up to 350 people for a sit-down dinner. The grounds and buildings can be rented for weddings, parties, events, conventions, and more.

To reserve Merrill Fairgrounds or space in the Bierman Building/Expo Center, contact the City Attorney's office at (715) 539-3510.

Also, if you have ideas for events on Merrill Fairgrounds or you're interested in being a sponsor, please contact the City Attorney's office! 


Bierman Building/Expo Center

The Bierman Building/Expo Center has plenty of room to accommodate your group. The space includes beautiful restrooms with more than enough space for your event needs. The capacity is 750 people or up to 350 for a sit-down dinner.

Built in 2017, the Bierman Building/Expo Center can be rented with or without the full kitchen. The cost to rent the Expo Center, located in the Bierman Building, is $450 plus sales tax. Multiple day rentals are $350 for the second consecutive day, and $250 per day for each additional day. The security deposit is $250 without use of the kitchen or $500 with kitchen use.

Daily rentals run from 6 a.m. to midnight. Linens and decorations are not included. To book space at the Bierman Building/Expo Center, contact the City Attorney's office at (715) 539-3510.

Park Shelters and Pavillions

Merrill offers plenty of parks and public shelters for you to host a wedding, family gathering, special event or a quaint, private picnic. Reserve park space, shelters, the Smith Center Arena Multi-purpose room (located at the MARC), or the Bierman Family Aquatic Center for your next gathering.