Is the bus for hire? (Parties, tours, weddings, etc.)

The Merrill Transit System, Merrill-Go-Round, receives state and federal funding assistance to off-set the costs of providing public transportation. As a recipient, we are restricted from competing with or providing charter services for private parties or special events that can be provided by the private sector, transportation services for hire.

Is there a bus that goes to Wausau?

No. The Merrill Transit System operates within our defined service area.

Why doesn’t the bus run longer at night or on weekends?

This is a service that could be provided by our Transit System within the operation guidelines of our service. These extended services would have to be approved by Common Council and then submitted into the following year’s budget, operation plan and Operating Assistance Application before the federal October 15 deadline. Due to the charter service regulations, as we expand our service hours, we are required to provide full transit service to the community within these extended hours, which would require full staffing of dispatch and bus operators as needed. We are not allowed to “target” a specific need or group of transit service requests.